Our methods adapted to your needs

The Transluminal team uses some technical means to manufacture your products. These means are used in Computer Aided Design, tubing extrusion, injection moulding, machining, assembly of subsets and conditioning in clean room.

  • Tubing Extrusion

    Extruded tubing is the starting point of transluminal therapies devices. Transluminal use suitable means of extrusion and have a more 10 years experience in profiled tube for medical device that give us an optimum reactivity

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  • Injection Moulding

    Transluminal have several moulding press which are adapted for small parts (soft tips, luers, connectors …) in a large polymer range.

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  • Clean room assembly

    Transluminal have a clean room with bonding and forming machine for assembly operations and packaging.We have also a traction machine for destruction tests.

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  • The team

    The Transluminal team is made up of engineers and technicians with different speciality. This dynamic and competent team works closely with his customers in order to progress effectively on the plan and to resolve problems quickly.

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  • CAD Software

    The product is design on computer with CAD software. Thus, the product can easily evolve and we have technical plane at one’s disposal quickly.

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  • Machine tool shop

    Transluminal have a machine tool shop with common machines used to machining component of the prototype, tools using in process fabrication and other parts for customer’s needs.

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